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How Would You Rate The Ultimate Fighter 9?

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Maggie Hendricks talks the predicament that TUF 9 faced after last seasons over the top antics:

The show has definitely returned to the fights, unquestionably. With a few shows having more than one fight, and a greater focus on training sessions, "The Ultimate Fighter" is no longer a sophomoric reality show that happens to involve MMA. At the same time, with a lack of characters to cause problems, the show was a little bit boring. The ratings hit a peak about midseason, but then dropped off.

It's true that this season has concentrated more on training and fights.  There clearly has been an effort to limit the dumb things that happened in season 8 with Junie Browning on board.  Yet, the ratings have suffered somewhat as well.  So it just goes to show that the producers of the show must walk a fine line to keep ratings up, as well as keeping the purists of the sports satisfied.  I'll be the first to say that I haven't watched this season as faithfully as I have in years past.  There's no particular reason to point to in that I just haven't made the effort to watch the show like I used to.  The final episode is tomorrow night, with the TUF 9 finale taking place this Saturday night on Spike.  For those of you that have watched most of this season, how would you rate TUF 9?