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TUF 10 Participants Revealed

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Brian Oswald at is reporting that the official roster for The Ultimate Fighter Season 10: The Heavyweights has been released. It seems like there are potentially several interesting storylines if this lineup proves to be true. For hardcore fans there are some legit up and coming heavyweights that have been making a name for themselves on the regional scene like Brendan Schaub and Darrill Schoonover. There are a few guys that have competed on UFC cards before and there are a few ex-NFL players. And then, of course, there is Kimbo. There appears to be a lot of potential to have a very interesting 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter. What will the chemistry be like between the fighters in the house? Which fighters will prove themselves worthy to be there? Let us know what you think of the proposed lineup. The reported roster is:  


  • Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson (3-1)
  • "Big Country" Roy Nelson (13-4)
  • Wes Sims (22-12-1)
  • Marcus Jones (4-1)
  • Matt Mitrione (0-0)
  • Wes Shivers (0-1)
  • Jim York (10-2)
  • Justin Wren (6-1)
  • Mike Wessel (6-1)
  • Scott Junk (6-2-1)
  • Zak Jensen (7-3)
  • Darrill Schoonover (10-0)
  • Brendan Schaub (4-0)
  • Jon Madsen (1-0)
  • Tom Blackledge (8-6)
  • Abe Wagner (6-2)