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Elite Championship Cage Fighting 7 Quick Results

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Elite Championship Cage Fighting June 13th in Charlotte, North Carolina

Elite Championship Cage Fighting 7 took place this past weekend in Charlotte, NC.  The main event saw David Howell remain undefeated by beating Jordan Rinaldi via decision in the ECCF lightweight title fight  The rest of the results are after the jump.

  • Nick Blum defeated Duston Stott via Submission(Armbar) at :36 of Rd. 1
  • Bradley Essick defeated Robert Langlois via TKO(Ref. Stoppage) at 1:57 of Rd. 1
  • Andrew Ruggles defeated Timothy Zelsnack via Submission(Strikes) at 1:32 of Rd. 2
  • Nick Blake defeated Jesse Owens via Unanimous Decision
  • Zachary Klouse defeated Earl Booker via Unanimous Decision
  • Kurtis Cloward defeated David Emerson via Submission(Guillotine) at 2:28 of Rd. 1
  • Jeff Piercy defeated Nick Tellez via Submission(RNC) at 1:08 of Rd. 2
  • Michael Turner defeated Dennis Paretta via Submission(RNC) at 2:38 of Rd. 1
  • Jeremy Harris defeated Randall Williams via Split Decision
  • Justin Zemanick defeated Joshua Stanley via Submission(Armbar) at 1:55 of Rd. 1
  • Joshua Pope defeated Lonnie Price III via TKO(Ref. Stoppage) at :49 of Rd. 2
  • Grant Austin defeated Cody Walker via KO at 1:29 of Rd. 1
  • Adam Dehart defeated Jason Bowen via Unanimous Decision
  • William Metts defeated Sylvain Bynum via Submission(RNC) at :52 of Rd. 2
  • Timothy Marcum Jr. defeated Josh Leonard via Split Decision
  • David Howell defeated Jordan Rinaldi via Unanimous Decision