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Where Was The Sportsmanship In Regards To UFC 99?

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Basically I'm speaking on two instances, one involving Marcus Davis and the other involving Mirko Cro Cop.

When the final bell sounded at the end of the Marcus Davis/Dan Hardy fight, they briefly touched gloves or made some sort of goodwill gesture towards one another from what I could tell.  However, when the decision was read in favor of Dan Hardy, Marcus Davis refused to shake his hand and wouldn't even look Hardy in the eye.  I applaud Dan Hardy for being very classy in his post-fight interview.  It was clear that Hardy was able to really get under the skin of Marcus Davis with all the pre-fight trash talking.  Was the fight really close?  Indeed.  However, why Davis refused to acknowledge that Dan Hardy gave him all he could handle and more is beyond me.  What he did was bush-league in my honest opinion. 

The other instance involves Mirko Cro Cop talking about Al-Turk when he got back home to Croatia.  A reporter asked Mirko about his knee in a video and this was the translated response:

[How was the knee?]
"Good.  Good.  He was going for that leg.  Kicked me a few times in my operated knee.  It's not very sportsman like."

 What?  First of all, isn't it smart to attack a weak point on the body of your opponent?  I mean, if I'm fighting you and I give you a mean cut over your eyelid from some devastating GnP, you best believe I'm going to keep hitting you RIGHT IN THE SAME SPOT to make it worse.  How can that be bad sportsmanship?