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What We Learned From MMA And UFC 99 This Weekend

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What a weekend huh?  There were tons of news this weekend with UFC 99 debuting in Cologne, Germany, for the first time ever.  With that said, let's take a look at some of the things that the world of MMA taught us this weekend:

-Tim Sylvia getting KO'd by 48 year old Ray Mercer at Adrenaline III: "Bragging Rights" - MMA For Real

Tim Sylvia's career is basically over.  He will get no respect from the MMA world, and he damn sure will not get any respect from the boxing world.  First of all, how do you come into a fight at over 300lbs when you normally fight in the 275 lb range or so?  How can you even take a fight in which it's a lose/lose situation?  Wow.

-Dana White Talks UFC 99 In Germany And Mirko Cro Cop Winning. This was obviously before he knew... - MMA For Real

Dana White seemed really happy with the turnout for the first Germany show.  I was surprised that the German fans were pretty educated about the sport.  However, White was also quick to point out that there were fans from all over the place and not just Germany.

-Dana White Talks Josh Barnett, Fedor, Nick Diaz, Jake Shields, And More During UFC 99 Q&A - MMA For Real

Dana White wants Jakes Shields in the UFC pretty bad, and seems open to brining in Josh Barnett if he beats Fedor at Affliction 3.  Also, he like Nick Diaz and will see what happens with him. need to bring all of them over.

-Dana White: Michael Bisping Probably Gets A Title Shot If He Beats Dan Henderson - MMA For Real

Well, Wanderlei lost a close split decision to Rich Franklin at UFC 99.  So it's pretty much a done deal that Bisping will get a title shot if he beats Dan Henderson at UFC 100.

-Notebook: Cro Cop leaves UFC - MMA - Yahoo! Sports

Well whatta ya know.  Mirko Cro Cop is a playa!  Nah, on a more serious note I know there are two sides to this story.  Unfortunately, Mirko has decided to keep his side private.  So with that said, I can only go by what Dana White says, therefore, Mirko Cro Cop gets no respect from me ever again.  The fact that he was doing all these blogs and interviews about coming back to the UFC, only to bounce after one fight?  That's wack as hell.  I know he kind of helped the UFC out by getting on the German card, but letting him do so kind of revives his career a bit as well.  Also, I wasn't impressed with his performance(best GSP voice).

-I don't care how much respect I had for someone.  When hundreds of thousands of dollar are at stake, there must be a written contract.  I know this was the first time Dana has reportedly done a verbal contract, but he should know better.  However, I suspect that he will not make this same mistake twice.  I can only wonder what Mirko was thinking.  His career has gone from sugar to shit in less than 2 years...not to mention his legacy.  No matter what really happened, most people(including myself) will remember him as a man that did not keep his word.  In fact, this was the whole problem I had with Randy Couture during his year of insanity in re-signing from a contract that HE signed.  If you agree to a contract, you should honor it.

-Even though Wanderlei Silva lost(some think he won), I think he showed enough that people won't be calling for his retirement unlike Chuck Liddell.  He took some shots from Franklin and kept coming forward, so he could be a dangerous player at MW.  The question much of an effect will losing 10 more pounds have on his cardio?  Silva has one of the most intense cardio training regimens I've ever seen.  However, he always seem to gas rather quickly.  Can he be a factor in the MW division?

-Cain Velasquez has a lot of room to improve.  However, I still think he's more developed as a MMA fighter than Shane Carwin.

-Dan Hardy could be a playa in the welterweight division.  Him vs. Mike Swick...make it happen Joe Silva.  Because Swick isn't ready for the top dogs.

Holla at me with your thoughts on all of this...some of this....or whatever you feel like talking about.