Dana White Talks Josh Barnett, Fedor, Nick Diaz, Jake Shields, And More During UFC 99 Q&A

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Dana White via UFC 99 Q & A:
"If Josh Barnett beats Fedor, obviously I'd be interested in signing Josh Barnett.. If he beat Fedor, obviously, he's one of the best in the world." Next Up for International Events: France, Australia, Sweden "I like Nick Diaz. I always have. He's a little tough to deal with sometimes. He's a bad dude. We'll see what happens with Nick.. I'd be more interested in Jake Shields."
"Bobby Lashley. He's interesting. He'll have to fight in smaller leagues to see how he does. He keeps getting some wins, maybe we'll be interested in him."
"I obviously would like to get Fedor in the UFC. It takes two people to get a deal done. I've never met Fedor, ever. I met his manager but never met him.. so I don't know."
"What's his name? [Ivan Serati] Don't know him. He fought in Dublin? [random person yells he sucks] He says he sucks so he probably wont be back."
"Obviously, I'm interested in [Alistair] Overeem. He has a deal still. He's under contract. Everybody knows, when his deal is up, come talk to me."
"[Brock Lesnar] guaranteed me he's going to stop Frank Mir. He's in the best shape he's ever been in.."
[Robin Phoenix - the masked guy at TUF 10 tryouts] "It was Dennis Hallman."
"[Tito catching Machida in a Triangle with 20 seconds in the fight] I almost threw up. I loved seeing him get his ass whooped by Machida. I contemplate bring Tito [Ortiz] back to see him get beat up again."

Please, please, please sign Nick Diaz. I mean I know Jake Shields just pulled a win outta his butt against Robbie Lawler, but Diaz stacks up better against the top WW's in the UFC IMO. Plus he's much more marketable because he can sell a fight with the best of them. Interesting thoughts about Barnett, Lashley, Overeem, and where they are going to expand internationally.

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