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Dana White: Michael Bisping Probably Gets A Title Shot If He Beats Dan Henderson

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According to Michael David Smith:

The UFC definitely hopes to promote a middleweight title fight between Wanderlei Silva and Anderson Silva. But UFC President Dana White said in Germany on Friday that even if Wanderlei beats Rich Franklin at UFC 99, he wouldn't move ahead of Michael Bisping in the middleweight pecking order.

Asked about several of the top middleweights, White said that he thinks Michael Bisping would earn the next title shot if he beats Dan Henderson at UFC 100. White added that Wanderlei would then likely fight Nate Marquardt -- if Marquardt beats Demian Maia at UFC 102.

We asked earlier in the week if you thought Wanderlei Silva should get a title shot if he got past Rich Franklin this weekend.  Most you didn't think he deserved it, but would be interested in seeing him and Anderson Silva get it on.  At first I was like there's no way in hell they'd not do Anderson Silva vs. Wanderlei Silva if Wanderlei gets by Rich Franklin at UFC 99.  Because they hyped the hell out of Wandy/Anderson during the UFC 99 countdown show.  However, if Michael Bisping gets back Dan Henderson at UFC 100, a title fight against Anderson Silva on a UK card would be tremendous for the UFC in the UK.  So Bisping getting the shot instead of Wanderlei makes more sense in that fashion.