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UFC 99: Silva vs. Franklin Open Thread And Discussion

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UFC 99 could bring clarity to at least two weight classes.

As usual MMA4Real will be here with the UFC 99 open thread and discussion(The 10pm EST Broadcast).  We had a lot of people to join the UFC 99 Fantasy league, so make sure you join us as we discuss the fights and talk smack in regards to who's winning the fantasy league.  The only rule is you can't post ANY SPOILERS, as the card will be airing live at 3pm EST from Cologne, Germany.  Fights from the undercard may very well make the broadcast, so that rule applies to them as well.  I'll be in and out during the day, but if you plan on joining us for the broadcast tonight holla at us in the comments section.  It should be a very exciting card.  Also join the official podcast of MMA4Real Lights Out Radio after the event.

Matt, Neil and Forrest will be LIVE! at 1:30 a.m. ET/10:30 p.m. PT to review UFC 99: The Comeback.

They’ll take calls at (347) 202-0934 and e-mails at

UFC 99: The Comeback coverage