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Thoughts On Countdown To UFC 99

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I wasn't really interested in the Wanderlei Silva/Rich Franklin segment, as I pretty much know what's up with those two.  Admittedly, the only portion of this show that interested me was how they were going to promote Cain Velasquez.  However, much to my surprise, they were able to hype up 3 fights on the card as well as highlight the return of Mirko Cro Cop.  I thought they would have highlighted the Dan Hardy/Marcus Davis fight instead of the Ben Saunders/Mike Swick matchup though.  Especially since Hardy and Davis have been going at one another HARD for the past month or so in terms of trash talking, not to mention both have more of a fanbase overseas.  Maybe they want to give Saunders some air time as people are beginning to give him a shot at beating Mike Swick?

All in all, I thought they did a superb job of promoting Cain Velasquez.  I mean after watching that segment, it was almost like Kongo doesn't have a chance in hell at beating him with the way his trainers and others hyped him up.  I thought the way they visited each of his wins was a wise decision, as it helps the casual fan get a grasp of what he's capable of.  I also liked the way they used the Mexican heritage angle.  It's clear over past year or so that Zuffa is targeting that market, and having a fighter like Velasquez can only help.  Now the only thing he must do is go out and beat Cheick Kongo to set the wheels in motion in terms of Velasquez living up to the hype.  I still think Kongo is a tougher fight for Velasquez opposed to Herring, but if he fights smart and takes Kongo down it's his fight to lose.

If you watched the countdown show, give me your thoughts on it.

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