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Coming to TUF 10: Kimbo Slice

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Yes, that Kimbo Slice will be a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter 10 according to Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports.

The UFC president has repeatedly insisted he would not allow Slice to compete in the UFC unless he won his way onto the show by competing on "The Ultimate Fighter."

Slice has called White’s bluff and will appear on Season 10 of the highly rated Spike TV series, White has confirmed. Fighters live in the same house and train together, and then fight during the show in a bid to earn a UFC contract.

His appearance, along with that of former UFC light heavyweight champions Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Rashad Evans as coaches, should guarantee massive ratings.

"It should be interesting, given some of the things I’ve said about him," White said.

Can you believe this? I said on Lights Out Radio the other day that the only way I'll watch TUF10 is if Kimbo or Bobby Lashley participate. Come September, I'll be watching. Congratulations, UFC. This is certainly quite the coup for Dana White and certainly shows Kimbo is dedicated to the sport.