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MMA4Real Breaks Record For Visitors And Pageviews For 4th Month In A Row

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I wrote this last month:

On behalf of MMA4Real, I'd like to thank all the loyal readers for making this possible.  I would also like to thank all the sites that have linked to our posts, as well as the readers that provide excellent fanposts/fanshots.  We are working diligently behind the scenes on a couple of things, and hope to have some announcements soon.  Also, you guys know how we operate.  If you have any suggestions in regards to ways we can improve the site, please email me or just drop it in the comments section.  Let's keep this thing rolling for the 4th consecutive month! 

Well, we delivered once again as we have surpassed the record for the 4th consecutive month.  Again, we'd like to echo the same sentiments in regards to our readers and those that appreciate what we do here at MMA4Real.  We've added a couple of new staff here in Rich Wyatt and Matt Bishop and they are doing great work thus far.  I know there are things we can approve upon, so I ask you the readers what you would like to see out of MMA4Real?  What can we do as a team to make this site better?  Let us hear from you in the comments section.

Also to all the many readers that check this site every day and have not registered, I ask you to join the community here at MMA4Real.  It's a very simple process that can be completed in no more than a couple of minutes.  Actually, if you have a Yahoo ID you can sign in with that.  So join on in because we might just learn something from from you :).  So again, many thanks to all of you and let's keep this thing rolling for the 5th consecutive month!