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Could UFC Undisputed 2009 Change MMA As We Know It?

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Here we are less than two weeks out from one of the most anticipated video games in a while.  UFC Undisputed 2009 isn't just anticipated by MMA fans, it's anticipated by almost every gamer I've talked to.  I went into Gamestop the other day to ask about buying a refurbished Xbox 360.  First, after a quick "hey what's up" I asked the guy working(he's probably like 20 years old) if he was a MMA fan.  After talking with him briefly I could tell he was a casual fan at best.  However, once I proceeded to ask him about UFC Undisputed 2009, the guys whole face lit up.  He went on and on about how he had played the demo, and all his friends had played it with all of them having pre-ordered the game.

It's been like 4 years since I've purchased a video game.  Those of you that know me, know that I'm cheap and I've routinely said that I didn't want to purchase another console just for this UFC game.  I lied.  I'm going to buy a used Xbox 360 just for this game.  So that's saying a lot just from my own personal experience. 

We as MMA fans watch the fights as they take place, we read the sites/blogs to keep up with the MMA landscape.  However, with the popularity of the sport(or should I say UFC) the way it is now, I can only imagine the impact this video game is going to have.  Analysts are already predicting over 2 million games sold in less than a year for the game.  If THQ can surive, and turn this UFC game into a successful series similar to the way the NFL has done with "Madden" the sky is the limit.  What you'll have is young kids becoming more and more familiar with the sport as they play the game.  They'll become more and more familiar with the fighters, and the moves themselves.  Thus, creating a whole new generation of MMA fans that's needed to take this sport where it needs to go. 

How do you see this game affecting MMA?