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Quoteworthy: UFC HW Pat Barry Must Be Obsessive Compulsive

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Pat Barry talks to about how he is very weird:

“I must be obsessive compulsive or something because, lets say I wake up in the middle of the night and I have to use the bathroom and when I woke up I was sleeping on my right side, I have to go back to bed on my left side. If I get up again, I go back to sleep on my right side,” he explains. “When the alarm goes off, I have to lie on my left side for ten minutes wide awake to even things out;” he says. “It’s insane and miserable and it drives me crazy. If I gotta’ miss breakfast, I’ll miss breakfast just to make things even. That’s why I won’t ever get a tattoo. I see a guy with a full-length sleeve and I wonder how he doesn’t fall over from being uneven.”

I'll admit I did some crazy things as a superstitious baseball player, but I don't think I was ever that  Do you guys have or had any crazy superstitious stuff that you just have to do?  Let's hear it.