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What Athletic Commission Would Approve Roy Jones Jr. To Have A MMA Fight?

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Of course you read that Roy Jones Jr. agreed to fight UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in a MMA rules bout.  The fight isn't going to happen.  However,  BloodyElbow's Luke Thomas made a comment that I agree with wholeheartedly.  If Silva and Jones were to fight, I have no doubt that Anderson Silva would try to stand with Jones as long as the fight lasted.  That would be his chance to box Roy Jones Jr. even though it would be under MMA rules.  However, since the bout would be under MMA rules, what athletic commission would grant Roy Jones Jr. a license to let the fight come to fruition anyways?  The guy has absolutely no MMA experience, and would be fighting arguably the best fighter in the world.  So even if Dana White agreed to let the fight happen, it probably wouldn't and shouldn't be approved by any athletic commissions.