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Why Don't More Fighters Use Vlogs?

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Now that Dana White has popularized the MMA vlog, some fighters have started doing there own(or the UFC is encouraging them to do them).  Joe Lauzon, BJ Penn, Matt Serra, Mike Swick and even Chuck Liddell are doing vlogs now.  My question is why don't more fighters take advantage of the technology available? It's easy to do, cheap, doesn't take a lot of time, and is a great way for a fighter to promote themselves.  I've said many times that fighters shouldn't rely on the promotion they fight for to promote them.  There's nothing like self-promotion.  I don't care much for Tito Ortiz, but he's a master at the art and has kept himself popular without having a fight in the past year.  Chuck Liddell's vlog had well over 100,000 views.    

This tool could work especially well for local and regional fighters in my opinion.  If I were a fighter I would post up all of my fights on youtube and/or dailymotion(I read that some fighters are doing this now).  Promoters are always looking for fighters, and the WEC matchmaker said he loves using youtube to watch footage of fighters.  So come on guys, get with the program and help yourself with all the technology you have at your disposal.