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Michael Bisping Thinks He's The King Of Mind Games?

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Michael Bisping blogs on

It was another impressive win for Team UK and I again took advantage by rubbing it Team USA’s faces. It was very obvious I was really getting to them, and I was keen to score more psychological blows on them. Nothing personal, but if I could continue to knock their confidence on behalf of my team then I was more than prepared to do it.

In my own career, I think I had Charles McCarthy beat before I even arrived in town for our UFC 83 fight. He was trying to convince himself I was an easy fight for him and all this, but I recognised he was mentally weak. Before the weigh-in he was screaming at me that he was going to “break my f-ing arm”, and I was laughing in his face. I knew I had him.

I’ve seen other UFC fighters blast their opponents psychologically, too, and during last year’s Olympics I even saw sprinters talk about how their rivals were slow off the mark, clearly trying to make their rivals worry about making slow starts. It happens throughout sports. It helps hype fights, too!

There's no question that some psychological warfare can give fighters an edge when it comes to fighting.  However,  I can't believe Michael Bisping is actually bragging about psyching out Charles McCarthy though!  I doubt any of it will work on a veteran like Dan Henderson.  In fact, Bisping has already admitted that he wasn't able to get up Henderson's skin like he wanted to on the show.  I suppose we'll have to play close attention to Bisping and his comments towards Henderson as we approach UFC 100.