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How Hyped Are You To See Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra At UFC 98?

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First of all, let me just say that I'm always down to watch two fighters that don't really like each other.  However, after hearing both of these guys in recent interviews I'm beginning to question how this fight will go.  Matt Hughes has mentioned that Serra better be able to go all 3 rounds several times.  So basically he's saying that I'm not going to stand with you.  I'm going to take you down and try to punish you for 3 rounds.  Which could happen, but Serra is no slouch on the ground.  If Hughes couldn't do much with Chris Lytle on the ground, I don't see him doing much against Matt Serra.  I mean if you look at the styles both fighters bring to the table, this fight has boring decision written all over it.  Serra brings heavy hands and good BJJ to the table, but he is susceptible to the takedown.  What Hughes brings to the table is wrestling with ground control and an underrated submission game.   I don't really see either of these guys getting subbed though. 

So in all likelyhood this fight has two scenario's that could happen.  Serra could catch Hughes standing and end the fight spectacularly, or Hughes can take Serra down and play the positional game like he did with Chris Lytle.  I think the latter is more likely to happen if we pay attention to history.  If we throw out the KO of GSP, Matt Serra hasn't finished an opponent since subbing Kelly Dullanty at UFC 36.  Matt Hughes hasn't finished anyone since stopping current LW champion BJ Penn at UFC 63.  So do you think the 'bad blood' between these guys will cause them to put it all on the line?  After all, both of these guys are at a crossroads in their career.  Hughes is probably looking at retirement with a loss, and who knows if Serra will be kept around if he takes the L.  So with that said, are you hyped up for this matchup at UFC 98?