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Southern Fight League Presents: "The Smokey Mountian Brawl"

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North Carolina MMA will be back in full swing again for the second consecutive weekend.  The Southern Fight League presents"The Smokey Mountain Brawl"  and will be taking place this Saturday, May 9th, in Asheville, NC.  The event will take place at the Asheville Civic Center with the fights beginning at 7pm.  North Carolina native and UFC fighter Spencer Fisher will be the special guest.  The fight card is as follows:

  • Thomas Sauer(20-11) Vs. Mike Hueser(7-2)
  • William Childs(3-0) vs. Dustin Pague(3-1)
  • Matt Covan(1-2) vs. Vincent Borden(3-0)
  • Matt Thomas(2-4) vs. Mike Williams(3-0)
  • Matthew Coakley(2-0) vs. Kevin Garcia(2-0)
  • Harry Coultrane(0-2) vs. Irakli Karkrashvilli(0-2)villi
  • David Prowse(0-0) vs. Howard Reece(1-1)
  • Jeremy Anderson(0-0) vs. Joseph Corneroli(1-0)
  • Roger Nadeau(0-0) vs. James Percy(1-0)
  • Zachary Klouse(1-0) vs. Adam Dehart(1-0)
  • Lance Gurley(0-0) vs. Zed Mitchell(1-0)
  • Thomas Cale(0-1) vs. David Smallwood(1-1)
  • Amos Collins(1-0) vs. Ric Humphries(3-2)
  • Ryan Conn(0-0) vs. Bob Williams(1-0)
  • Jacob Almond(0-0) vs. Josh Carlisle(0-0)
  • Anthony Reynolds(0-0) vs. Jeffrey Bricker(1-1)
  • Brandon Coble(0-1) vs. Chase Thomas(0-3)