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Quoteworthy: Demian Maia On Nate Marquardt

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Demian Maia speaks with Tatame:

“The other guys I’ve faced I consider very tough, excellent fighters, and he’s another one, but, for sure, he’s the toughest of them. He’s a complete fighter and very aggressive”, says Maia. Wanting to show, one more time, his great ground game. “I believe in what I do and train... A lot of guys train, but don’t believe it’ll work, that they’ll have to fight strike, but I believe that I’ll get there to do my Jiu-Jitsu, not to fight standing. Of course I’m ready to strike, but, if doesn’t need to strike and do a classic Jiu-Jitsu, it’s better”.

While I agree that Maia's BJJ is other worldly, you have to wonder about the rest of his game.  I mean you can rely on BJJ against those middle of the road type fighters, but when you get a step up in competition like Nate Marquardt?  You are going to have to bring something else to the table in my opinion.  I mean there is such as thing as going to the well one too many times.  If he submits Marquardt I'll be throughly impressed and would have no qualms about giving him at shot at Anderson Silva.  However, his one dimensional mindset could be his downfall in the very near future.  What are the chances of him subbing Marquardt, who is a very good grappler in his own right?