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Fighter Profile-Interview with North Carolina Fighter Colt "45" Howell

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There was one guest in attendance at last night's ECCF show that had a special interest in the outcome of the evening's main event. That guest was an undefeated young lightweight fighter from Hickory, NC named Colt Howell.

Colt “45” Howell (6-0) Colt will challenge for the ECCF Lightweight Championship on June 13th in Charlotte.


Rich Wyatt: Colt, tell our readers a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and where do you train out of?

Colt Howell: I’m from Hickory, NC and I train at Elite Combat Systems in Hickory and Ultimate Athletics in Granite Falls.

Rich Wyatt: And your age?

Colt Howell: I’m 20 years old.

Rich Wyatt: Man, that’s young to have put together so many wins already. What did you think of the fights tonight and your future opponent in particular?

Colt Howell:  The show was really good. Marcelo and Elite just keep putting on a better show every time out. They also do a good job of bringing in more fighters from different areas and they keep bringing in better competition. The guy I’m fighting in June (Rinaldi) looks like a very good, solid opponent. I’ll definitely have my hands full.

Rich Wyatt: What do you feel like your strengths are as a fighter?

Colt Howell: Probably my wrestling. I’m not dominant at one particular thing. I get out there and stick to my gameplan and hope for the best.

Rich Wyatt: I know you don’t want to give away your gameplan for this title fight in June, but what kind of fight can the fans expect?

Colt Howell: Yeah, let’s not give away the gameplan (laughs). It looks like we have a similar style so it should be fun to watch. He’s maybe a little more technical than I am. It should be a really good fight.

Rich Wyatt: It was great seeing you here at the show. We can’t wait to see the fight in June, man. Thanks for talking with

Colt Howell: No problem. Thank you.