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Fighter Profile- Post Fight Interview with North Carolina Fighter Jordan Rinaldi

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Fresh off his impressive win in the main event of last night's ECCF event, I interviewed up and coming North Carolina based lightweight fighter Jordan Rinaldi.




ECCF Fighter Profile


Jordan Rinaldi (3-0) Jordan will challenge for the ECCF Lightweight Title on June 13th in Charlotte.


Rich Wyatt: Jordan, tell our readers a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and where do you train out of?

Jordan Rinaldi: I’m 21 years old and a student at UNC-Charlotte. I train in Charlotte and fight for Team ROC.

Rich Wyatt: You made things look easy out there tonight. You got the rear naked choke pretty early in the first round. Tell us a little bit about the fight.

Jordan Rinaldi: I always try and stick to wrestling since that’s my foundation. Jiu-Jitsu, though, is the second aspect to my gameplan. I always look to take my opponent down and either work some ground and pound or tap them out. This was my third fight and my third victory by rear naked choke.

Rich Wyatt: Have you been out of the first round yet?

Jordan Rinaldi: No.

Rich Wyatt: How are you feeling right now? Do you feel like you’ll be ready to go in June?

Jordan Rinaldi: For sure. My weight is perfect. Everything feels good.

Rich Wyatt: So you’d say that your biggest strength as a fighter is your grappling?

Jordan Rinaldi: Definitely grappling. My wrestling has gotten much better ever since high school. It’s just gotten way better and my jiu-jitsu is pretty good. I train out of one of the best schools under Royce Grace in North Carolina and you can’t ask for much better in regard to Jiu-Jitsu than Royce.

Rich Wyatt: Your team has a great reputation in the state and they obviously did a good job of getting you prepared and ready to go tonight. Thanks for taking the time to talk with

Jordan Rinaldi: No problem.