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Fighter Profile-Post Fight Interview with North Carolina Fighter Syl Bynum

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After his victory at the ECCF event last night I caught up with up and coming young fighter Syl Bynum. Here is what he had to say:



ECCF Fighter Profile


Syl Bynum (3-1)


Rich Wyatt: Tell our readers a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and where do you fight out of?

Syl Bynum: I’m 25 years old and I’m originally from Goldsboro, but I’ve been living in Winston-Salem for about six years and I’ve trained at American Martial Arts Academy for about two years. I’ve been fighting for about a year and am 3-1 as of now.

Rich Wyatt: In my opinion your fight was the best of the night. It seemed to be a real back and forth battle with constant action. It was lot of fun to watch as a fan, man. You had to overcome adversity to get the win. How did you think things went out there tonight?

Syl Bynum: My opponent was very strong. He was a little bigger than me.  I wanted to try and stand a little more than usual. I’ve had a minor knee injury so I wasn’t as comfortable going down to the ground unless I had to. I wanted to land some strikes but the ground game worked for me. I’ve been wrestling for awhile and I’ve got a lot of state champion level wrestlers at my gym to train with. I was fortunate tonight that things worked in my favor.

Rich Wyatt: One of the other reasons I gave you credit for fight of the night was that you faced such a skilled opponent. Bonds has a good reputation and showed again tonight why he is viewed as such a skilled fighter. To me that makes your performance against him all the more impressive. Did you know anything about him coming into this fight?

Syl Bynum: One of my teammates had fought on the same card that he did recently and I got a chance to see him there. I knew he was really strong and a good striker. I studied him a bit and I tried to adapt my gameplan to not play to his strengths. I felt like I might have a few more tricks up my sleeve in the ground game.

Rich Wyatt: What do you feel like your strengths are as a fighter?

Syl Bynum: I feel like I’m getting better with my hands. I don’t see myself as having a particular style. I never wrestled in high school. I consider myself average at everything so I try to gear my gameplan toward what my opponent is weaker at. I’ve got a new boxing coach. He’s been training me recently and I’ve gotten better with my standup.

Rich Wyatt: Do you see yourself staying busy? When would you like to fight next?

Syl Bynum: Well, ECCF has a big event coming up on June 13th in Charlotte, so I’d like to get on that event and have my last amateur fight. That will give me five amateur fights under my belt and I’ll be ready to turn pro.

Rich Wyatt: Thanks for taking time to talk with

Syl Bynum: Thank you guys very much.