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Quoteworthy: Dana White Thinks Fedor In The UFC Is Inevitable

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Dana White speaks about Fedor via The Edge:

Regarding Fedor, he either wants to come over and fight here or he doesn’t. If he came over and wanted to fight I’d do a deal with him in a minute. You know we’ve been chasing him since we bought Pride. In my opinion, I think it’s going to happen. He’d be crazy not to. I mean, why not? He’ll come over here and make a bunch of money and maybe even win the title and go down in history as the greatest heavyweight ever. The problem is its one thing for everyone to say it, I mean I can say, "Brock is the greatest heavyweight ever" but they have got to fight. It’s the only way to find out. We can argue about it all day but in the end you just have got to get out there and fight.

Now that Fedor and Josh Barnett appear to be fighting at Affliction "Trilogy" on August 1st, a win against Barnett leaves Fedor virtually no competition outside the UFC.  I tend to agree that it'll eventually happen with Fedor joining the UFC roster(unless he takes a L beforehand), but one wonders if it'll be too late.  I mean he'll be 33 this year already, so it's not like he's gonna stay at his current level of badassness forever.  Dana White was speaking from a promoter's perspective when he was talking about Lesnar and Fedor having to fight to determine who's the best.  However, you kind of have to agree with him to a degree don't you?  If Joe Warren can beat Kid Yamamoto in his 2nd career MMA fight, it's not entirely possible for someone like Lesnar to beat Fedor is it?