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MMA4Real Weekly Wrap Up

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I never get tired of that video, oh and Rashad I wouldn't suggest putting your hands down after what happened at UFC 98.

  • Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans Are The Coaches For TUF 10
  • UFC possibly heading to Indianapolis in 2010
  • Noah Thomas Signs With The WEC And Gives His Thoughts
  • Mark Coleman Thinks He Can Beat Lyoto Machida
  • Clay Guida Thinks He Deserves A Title Shot
  • Todd Duffee Thinks He's Still Fighting Al-Turk At UFC 99
  • Affliction Says "Trilogy" will NOT be their final event
  • Dana White Announces UFC Undisputed 2010
  • Paul Daley Talks Jay Hieron
  • Also The Official Podcast of MMA4Real...The Lights Out Radio Show has its RSS feed set up in the left sidebar right here on the site.  Feel free to check out past episodes and what's coming up next.