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UPDATE: Josh Koscheck Will Face Frank Trigg at UFC 103

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According to MMAMania:

Top-ranked welterweight contender, Josh Koscheck (12-4), and former number one division contender, Frank Trigg (19-6), are in talks to battle it out for 170-pound supremacy at UFC 103 on Sept. 26. learned earlier today about the likely match up; however, a venue is still unknown at this time (locations in the United Kingdom and Las Vegas are under under consideration) for the event. In addition, nine-time division kingpin, Matt Hughes, is also lurking in the shadows as a possible opponent for Koscheck … albeit on the outside.

While I used to want Josh Koscheck to fight Matt Hughes back in the day, I so would rather see him face Frank Trigg at this point.  It's a much more interesting matchup in my opinion.  At least Trigg does have somewhat of a standup game.  Plus the smack talk in this one would be off the chain.  I wonder if Kosheck would go back to his roots with his wrestling?  That was Trigg's downfall against Hughes(2x) and GSP back in the day.  Oh, and the rear naked choke ;).

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 06/03/09 9:26 PM EDT ]According to MMAJunkie:

Rumors of the bout have been widespread in recent days, and sources close to the event have indicated to ( that bout agreements have been distributed and are expected to be finalized shortly.

It's also been confirmed that this event will take place in Dallas, Texas, on Sept. 19th.  So I'll be getting an early birthday present with UFN 19 and a belated b-day present with UFC 103(my b-day is Sept. 17th) :).  I won!