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Jose Aldo Wants The Winner Of Brown/Faber II

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Aldo speaks with

“If it was my decision, I’d say that I deserve a title shot,” Aldo, who admits that his affinity for knockouts was derived from a love of boxer Mike Tyson. “My impression of Cub Swanson is that he is a great athlete and goes on the attack. But a win over him would be another step on the way to achieving my goal.”

Aldo is scheduled to fight Cub Swanson at WEC 41, which just happens to be the same card headlined by Mike Brown and Urijah Faber II.  Aldo is on a 7 fight winning streak, but he hasn't exactly been fighting murder's row either.  He burst on the WEC scene with what as an upset at the time knocking out Alexandre Franca Nogueira.  I would love to see Aldo get a title shot when the time is right.  However, I feel as if he needs a little more seasoning at the ripe age of 22.  I don't know if they'll give him a title shot or not if he gets by Cub Swanson.  I do know his time will come though, because in the words of UFC announcer Mike Goldberg...this kid is ultra talented.  Would you like to see him get a title shot?