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Ouoteworthy: Wanderlei Silva Practices Calligraphy For Rich Franklin

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So in other words Wanderlei Silva is going back to the basics I suppose:

"I'm doing calligraphy. When someone writes badly, he takes the notebook and writes the "a, b, c"... It is a very tough job. Yesterday, I was doing basic boxing training for an hour with my boxing coach here. He fixes me in all punches, the positioning of the foot and the hand"

I'm one of the biggest Wandy fans ever, but I just don't know if he can stay focused enough to stay with the basics once that adrenaline starts flowing.  I mean we saw Chuck Liddell try to get back to the basics, but at this point in their careers it's very difficult to change those habits in a short amount of time.  I'll probably have Rich Franklin winning this fight.  However, I will reinterrate that I might dance to Wandy's walkout song should he pull off the victory :).

HT: Tatame