Clay Guida Thinks He Deserves A Title Shot?

That's what he thinks with a win over Diego Sanchez:

If you beat Diego Sanchez, do you think you deserve a title shot?

After I beat Diego, I feel like I've fought the toughest competition in the lightweight division in the two and a half years I've been with the UFC. People see my record, and 5-3 is nothing great. But people who have seen my losses know that every time I fight, I put on a show. I've lost a few close ones. Roger got the best of me, in a fight that he deserves. That was a turning point in my career. I grew up as a fighter after that fight, as far as my training and my cage presence, being more patient in fights. They guaranteed Diego a title shot if he beats me, but he's not getting that title shot.

I know I'm ready for a title shot. When I fought Roger, I lost, I wasn't ready. In my heart, I'm always ready, but mentally, I wasn't. I was still green. And I'm still green in the sport, but I rise to the occasion. I fight better for better opponents. I'm going to outwork everyone in my division, I'm going to outwork the champion, and one day, I'm going to have that belt around my waist.

I'll admit that his last few performances have definitely made me not be a fan of his although he used to bring it in the cage.  Realistically speaking, there are quite a few of guys that are above Clay Guida in the pecking order in my opinion.  Let's take a look:

Kenny Florian, Sean Sherk(even though he just lost), Gray Maynard, Frankie Edgar, Tyson Griffin, Joe Stevenson, and you could make the argument for a couple other fighters as well.  All of the fighters will whip Clay Guida, he might hug Joe Stevenson for 3 rounds though.  I think Diego Sanchez is going to wreck him regardless, so that should put an end to all these nonsense about getting a title shot.  I don't know, maybe I'm just biased against the guy now because of his last couple of fights and his willingness to accept them as great performances? 


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