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Quoteworthy: Vitor Belfort Says Fight With Gegard Mousasi Not Confirmed For Affliction 3

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There have been rumors that Gegard Mousasi will fight Vitor Belfort at Affliction 3 on August 1st.  Vitor Belfort recently spoke with Tatame to give his version of what's going down and his thoughts on facing Mousasi:

"I don’t know anything, they are saying that, but there’s nothing right yet. I’m waiting the confirmation to see who we will fight"

I think a fight between Mousasi and Belfort could be explosive as both fighters are well rounded.  Mousasi is coming off a relatively easy win over heavyweight Mark Hunt at Dream 9, winning by submission.  Belfort took out Matt Lindland at Affliction 2 with a devastating KO.  However, Belfort seems to have some concerns about Mousasi's willingness to move up in weight:

Now I have to see if he’ll get down to middleweight."  "Who defines this isn’t him. I fight at 185lbs. If they want to do this fight at 185lbs, it’s done, otherwise I see no option to go up, even because he isn’t a challenge, a man with much name. To go up, I don’t see him as a challenge. I want to fight with him in the weight he was champion (at Dream), then I think its worth"

So basically if Mousasi isn't going to cut to 185, the fight isn't going to happen according to Belfort who used to fight as a light heavyweight himself.  I suppose we'll have to stay tuned to see what's what in the coming weeks as Affliction attempts to put together their third show.  If this fight takes place at 185, how do you see this fight going?