What Happened To Rashad Evan's GamePlan At UFC 98?

I posted a quote earlier in the week where Rashad Evans said he "probably wouldn't know how he was going to approach his fight with Machida until the day of the fight."

Now, I kind of just blew that off as a fighter not wanting to give away too much in terms of gameplanning.  However, did Evan's performance last night indicate that he was telling the truth?  I couldn't really tell what his gameplan was.  Evans did feint quite a bit and pawed with his jab, but he was never really in range to engage Machida.  He didn't threat to change levels or anything.  So what happened to his gameplan?  Did it get Machida'ed?

I wrote here how I thought Evans should go about taking Machida out, and I'm still a believer that that would have been his best option.  I still think he could have taken Machida down if he wanted too, but it just didn't seem as if that was part of the gameplan.  Maybe they were going to go for them later in the fight?  I did say that he needed to use strikes to set up his takedowns and vice versa.  However, there was no evidence of that last night.  So far everyone that has tried to strike with Machida has wound up with an L in their column.  So with a guy like Evans that's a very explosive wrestler, why just be content with trying to strike with Machida the whole time after getting dropped in the first round?   

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