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Could Machida Be A Marketable New Star For Zuffa?

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Recently it has been reported by multiple sources that Zuffa is making overtures toward Asia as a possible next frontier to run shows in. Lorenzo and Dana have both mentioned the Phillipines, and there is rampant speculation about a future show in Japan. Zuffa currently has a minor television contract with WOWOW in Japan. Their current roster currently contains several fighters that could draw a large live gate there. Machida fought some of his fights during the early portion of his career in Japan. Given that he is half-Japanese and a humble, approachable personality with world class fighting skills, do you think that Machida could be a central part of Zuffa's attempts to build brand recognition in Japan? Considering the fact that he is quickly disposing of his label as a "boring fighter", Zuffa could have just made their next international star. He's one of only two guys to stop Rich Franklin, he's the only man to defeat Rashad Evans or Thiago Silva (both by knockout early in the fight), he's stopped 3 of his last four opponents, he's never lost a round in the UFC and he's hardly lost any in his entire, undefeated career. Oh, and by the way, he competes in arguably the deepest weight class in the sport. I wouldn't say that Lyoto is my favorite fighter but at this point I can't see him as anything other than a major star in the sport. And he could especially prove to be a marketable one in Zuffa's alleged push into the Japanese market. What are your thoughts?