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UFC 98 Recap: Machida KO's Evans To Become New Light Heavyweight Champion

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Sean Sherk/Frankie Edgar-I thought Edgar looked good in this fight.  His striking looked to be a lot sharper than usual and he was putting his punches together on Sherk.  In fact, he was tagging Sherk at will a couple of times in the fight.  Why has Sherk tried to become a striker in his last 3 fights?  This shoots Edgar up the ladder in the lightweight division.  However, what does that say about Gray Maynard though as he just be Edgar not long ago.  I told yall Maynard is the truth!  I have no idea who I'd like to see Edgar face next.

Chael Sonnen/Dan Miller-I guess Miller's strategy was to lay on his back and try to catch Sonnen in a sub the whole fight?  I mean sure Sonnen has suspect sub defense, but damn after getting worked over for two rounds you would think Miller would try something else?  Sonnen gave Miller the business the entire fight. 

Drew McFedries/Xavier Foupa-Pokam-Drew McFedries has crazy power...that is all.

Krzysztof Soszynski/Andre Gusmao-Say goodbye to Gusmao...good stuff for Soszynski...winning on back to back PPV cards. 

Matt Hughes/Matt Serra-Man, I figured this fight would go kinda like it did.  I thought Serra did enough to win the fight.  He definitely won the first round....Hughes LnP the second round....the second round say several sub attempts from Serra...and he reversed Hughes and ended up on top. 

Rashad Evans/Lyoto Machida-You guys can check the open thread and discussion...I told MMA4Real reader Felix that I had a dream that Machida KTFO Evans before the event even started.  That KO went exactly how it did in the dream...that was scary.  Well, I said that Rashad would lose if he tried to strike with Machida.  However, I never thought Machida would KO Evans.  Rashad showed a lot of heart, but couldn't recover.  That was impressive by Machida and my hats off to him.  Rampage has his work cut out for him.  I also think Machida could become a star, as the fans were chanting Machida during the fight.  They also responded well to him during the post fight interviews.  I can't wait to see Rampage/Machida even though it'll be a long time from now.

Brock Larson/Mike Pyle-Very good fight here.  Mike Pyle was throwing everything at Larsen early in the fight.  Good showing with him coming in on short notice against a very good opponent.  I like Larsen and he could make some noise.

Tim Hague/Pat Barry-Wow...Barry rocked Hague...and then gave Hague his neck like it was a gift on Christmas Day.

Overall, this card was ok I suppose.  Some of the fights were slow in the action department, but I guess that was to be expected with the matchups.  However, seeing Machida destroy Rashad Evans just left me in awe.  We did get to see 8 fights though so that was good.  Should Matt Hughes retire after this performance at UFC 98?  What's next for Matt Serra?  Can Rampage Jackson beat Lyoto Machida?  Who should Rashad Evans fight next? 

Give me your thoughts on the event...and more results after the jump. 

  • Frankie Edgar defeated Sean Sherk via UD
  • Chael Sonnen defeated Dan Miller via UD
  • Drew McFedries defeated Xavier Foupa-Pokam via KO in Rd. 1
  • Krzysztof Soszynski defeated Andre Gusmao via KO in Rd. 1
  • Matt Hughes defeated Matt Serra via UD
  • Lyoto Machida defeated Rashad Evans via KO in Rd. 2 To Become The New UFC Light Heavyweight Champion
  • Brock Larsen defeated Mike Pyle via Arm Triangle in Rd. 1
  • Tim Hague defeated Pat Barry via Guillotine Choke in Rd. 1