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Cain Velasquez Thinks Cheick Kongo Is A Tougher Opponent

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Earlier this week I wrote how Cheick Kongo was a tougher opponent for Cain Velasquez than Heath Herring.  Well what do you know, Cain Velasquez himself agrees with me in an exclusive interview with my SBNation brothers at MMAMania.  Check it: The big news this week was that Heath Herring had to pull out of your UFC 99 fight. The UFC replaced Heath Herring with Cheick Kongo. How do you feel about your new opponent and will it change your strategy with little more than three weeks to go?

Cain Velazquez: I feel good about my new opponent. At this stage, I think he is a tougher opponent. I thought he was in line for a title shot next so that makes me feel good. I will definitely have to change up my gameplan now.

He has a long reach and is very strong fighter. He has improved his take down defense. I will be really focused on my take downs and also working to sharpen my kickboxing skills. Overall, I want to be fast, explosive and just stay calm out there.

Those points are the same ones I made earlier this week...almost verbatim.  He also goes to say that he'll stand with Kongo unless he'll needs to take him down.  This should be a great fight.