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Thoughts On Countdown To UFC 98

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First of all, I thought the show was well done.  I'll speak on the Serra/Hughes portion first since it's still fresh in my mind.  I thought the way they hyped this fight was masterful.  The way they used the old footage from TUF, as well as the beside the scenes of Matt Hughes dogging GSP after beating him the first time.  The way they just keep putting clips of Serra running his mouth and calling Matt Hughes a d*** made it really easy to choose sides in this one.  I honestly wasn't really looking forward to this fight THAT much.  I mean sure I was gonna watch, but now I'm interested in seeing how it's all going to play out.  Will they shake hands afterwards and things like that?  This fight is over 2 years in the making, and could have easily lost it's luster.  I think it did to a degree, but the way they did this countdown show has me very interested again.

In regards to Machida/Evans, I thought both fighters came off very well.  I thought it was great they mentioned that Rashad is the underdawg in this fight.  That sort of gives legitimacy to Machida with fans that may be unfamiliar with him.  The training footage they showed was impressive as well.  Those cone drills they showed Machida doing were crazy!  I also like they way they pretty much walked you through Machida's UFC run thus far.  That way people that haven't seen him fight have a better idea of what he can do.  Of course Zuffa repeatedly used the footage of Evans KTFO Liddell as they should.  That was a devastating KO, and shows you what Rashad can do as well.  I was getting hyped for this event already, but now I'm really looking forward to UFC 98.  It's not too often you get to see a real grudge match, and a title fight with two undefeated fighters in MMA.

What did you think about Countdown to UFC 98?