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Fight Night in Lenoir

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I'm getting ready to drive up to Lenoir for an MMA card there this evening. The event is being put on by Elite Championship Cagefighting, a North Carolina based promotion. Full disclosure: I dig going to small regional, grassroots MMA shows. Watching MMA on television is lots of fun too, don't get me wrong. It's just different. There really is nothing like the energy on fight night. I've always thought that the live experience is so much better. Pay-per-view events are awesome, but there are some things that the cameras just don't always pick up on: The electricity and nerves that fill the venue before a fight, the sweat flying off a fighter as he gets hit hard, the thud of a fighter getting slammed to the mat. There really is nothing like it. So how many of you all attend smaller MMA shows regionally? If you've never been you really should give it a chance. Do most of you live in an area where fights are put on every now and then?