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"Battle at the Expo" Results

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Keith "Bad Newz" Bell, a prospect that we profiled here last week, won again in impressive fashion on Saturday night at the "Battle at the Expo" held in Raleigh, North Carolina. The show reportedly drew approximately 1,600 fans and featured a hybrid card of both MMA and boxing matches. The fight results are as follows:



(MMA) HWT- Keith Bell def. Chico Santiago by 1st round TKO

(MMA) 155- D'Juan Owens def. David Emerson by second round submission

(MMA) 170- James Wright def. Jamie Pickett def. by unanimous decision

(MMA) 170- Marc Priest def. Eric Martindale by 1st round TKO

(MMA) 135- Jesus Ortega def. Nghi Bui by unanimous decion

(Boxing) 168- Carlton Holland def. Michael Rayner by majority decision

(Boxing) HWT- Donnell Holmes def. Ryan Thompson by 2nd round TKO

(Boxing) 147- Vitaliy Demyanenko def. Paul Delgado by unanimous decision