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Maximum Fighting Championships 21 Quick Thoughts And Results

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Overall, I thought the MFC 21 event was done pretty well with some decent fights.  However, I did have some gripes with some of the judges decisions as well as a very questionable call on Big John McCarthey in the main event bout.  I have no idea why BJM deducted a point from champion Emanuel Newton for a low blow without even giving Newton a warning.  However, when Prangley returned the favor later in the fight no point was deducted from him?  Also, the judges didn't have a clue.  I'm not saying that Newton should have won as it was a VERY close fight.  I'm thought it was mighty classy of Prangley to say so during his post fight interview.

I can't really comment on Bobby Lashley performance as it was pretty much over before it got started.  Well, at least he finished his opponent?  The judges in the Galbraith/Heath fight got it wrong in my opinion.  While it was a close fight, I had Heath winning that one and he was pretty disgusted when the decision was announced.  The other two fights were decent, so I'd have to say I enjoyed the event for the most part.  I think this is the second MFC event I've watched since acquiring HDNet, and both times I've been entertained.  If you watched the event, drop your thoughts in the comments section.  Quick results of the fights and undercard are below: 

  • Trevor Prangley def. Emanuel Newton via Unanimous Decision
  • Bobby Lashley def. Mike Cook via Submission(Choke) in Rd. 1
  • Travis Galbraith def. David Heath via split decision
  • John Alessio def. Andrew Buckland via Submission(RNC) in Rd. 1
  • Ryan Jimmo def. Mychal Clark via Unanimous Decision
  • Marvin Eastman def. Aron Lofton via TKO(Strikes) in Rd. 1
  • William Richey def. Ryan Fortin via Split Decision
  • Jason Heit def. Jeremy Combrink via TKO(Strikes) in Rd. 1
  • Dwayne Lewis def. Jay Whitford via TKO(Strikes) in Rd. 1
  • George Belanger def. Nolan Clarke via TKO(Strikes) in Rd. 1