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Live coverage - ShoMMA: Strikeforce Challengers(Quick Results)

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Join Matt Bishop for live coverage and discussion of tonight's ShoMMA: Strikeforce Challengers show.

The card, headlined by a lightweight tilt between Billy Evangelista and Mike Aina, will be live at 11 p.m. ET on Showtime.

We'll provide live play-by-play of the show and round-by-round scoring.

You can join in the discussion/debate by leaving a comment.

Quick results:

Bao Quach d. Tito Jones (unanimous decision)

Aaron Rosa d. Anthony Ruiz (TKO - Rear-naked choke - 4:29, R1)

LaVar Johnson d. Carl Seumanutafa (KO - Punch - 0:18, R1)

Sarah Kaufman d. Miesha Tate (unanimous decision)

Mike Aina d. Billy Evangelista (Disqualification - Illegal knee - 3:40, R2)

Play-by-play - main card:

Featherweight bout:

Bao Quach vs. Tito Jones (Referee: Marcos Rosales)

Round 1 - Both fighters test the range with kicks early. Not much action in the first two minutes. Quach blocks a right hook. Crowd starting to boo three minutes in. Quach just kicking away. Jones lands with three straight right hooks. Fighters starting to open up a little more with a minute to go. Jones clinches and runs Quach into the cage. They trade knees. The round ends.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Quach

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Jones

Round 2 - Quach firing with kicks again. Neither fighter landing anything of significance. Right hook barely connects for Jones. Quach continues to chop away with kicks to the lead leg. Body punch lands for Quach. Quach goes high for the first time and Jones blocks the kick. Jones pats his leg following another kick. Quach is systematically going to town on Jones' lead leg. Jones is showing signs of limping. Nice shot lands for Jones.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Quach

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Quach


Round 3 - Nice right hook lands for Jones and stuns Quach. Jones drops Quach and charges after him. Quach is still hurt. Body kick lands for Jones, but he's not firing. Left hook lands for Jones. Jones drops Quach again with a left. Head kick is blocked. Body shot for Jones. Quach's face is showing signs of wear. Quach seems to be recovered with 2:15 to go. Quach slips on a high kick attempt. Jones is not being aggressive at all. Pace has slowed back to what it was in the first two rounds. Flying knee by Jones with five seconds left nearly connects.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Jones (29-28 Quach)

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Jones (29-28 Jones)



Official decision: 29-28x3 for Bao Quach


Light-heavyweight bout:

Anthony Ruiz vs. Aaron Rosa (Referee: Marcos Rosales)

Round 1 - They are swinging early. Ruiz puts Rosa against the cage. They push off and trade some more. Ruiz works for a single into a double but can't get him up. Stalemate against the cage. Rosa reverses and gets a double and slams Ruiz to the ground. He goes right to mount and Ruiz gives up his back. Rosa rains down punches. He gets his back again. Rosa is in a sitting position with his back against the cage. He has a body triangle. He goes for the rear-naked choke. Ruiz is in trouble and Ruiz goes out and the referee stops it. Rosa picks up the TKO win at 4:29.

Heavyweight bout:

Lavar Johnson vs. Carl Seumanutafa (Referee: Herb Dean)

Round 1 - Seumanutafa shoots and Johnson slightly pushes him to the side and lands a huge uppercut under the arms that instantly puts Seumanutafa out. There was no need for any follow-up. Herb Dean rushes in for the save at 18 seconds.

Women's bout (135 pounds):

Sarah Kaufman vs. Miesha Tate (Referee: Marcos Rosales)

Round 1 - Tate lands a middle kick. They start swinging with Kaufman getting the better of the exchange. They go to a double Thiai clinch with nothing coming from it. Big rights landing for Kaufman. Tate shoots but Kaufman is having none of it. Tate's face is showing signs of wear. Kaufman sprawls from another takedown. Left hook hurts Tate. Tate gets a takedown with 20 seconds left into half-guard. She can't get anything off before the round ends.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Kaufman

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Kaufman


Round 2 - Kaufman hurts Tate again but Tate goes for another takedown, gets stuffed and then gets it into half-guard. Tate traps the arm and lands some punches. Kaufman regains full guard. Tate is bleeding. Tate not landing much from the guard. Kaufman holding on to the neck. Tate stacks her up and tries to get on her back standing with 10 seconds left but the round again ends before she can do anything.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Tate

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Tate


Round 3 - Tate goes for a takedown but is unsuccessful. Long single attempt almost gets Tate reversed. Kaufman bullies Tate against the cage and lands a hard right. Tate shoots again but can't get it. Again Tate eats a shot and goes for a takedown and Kaufman sprawls. Tate pulls guard and Kaufman is sitting on her chest. Kaufman pounding away with 15 seconds left. Kaufman spins around and gets up and lands some heavy shots as the fight comes to a close. Great fight.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Kaufman (29-28 Kaufman)

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Kaufman (29-28 Kaufman)


Official decision: 29-28x3 for Sarah Kaufman


Catchweight bout (157 pounds):

Billy Evangelista vs. Mike Aina (Referee: Herb Dean)

Round 1 - The fighters touch gloves to begin. Punch/kick combination misses for Aina. Aina catches a kick and returns with a punch. Evangelista lands a combo and Aina answers. Evangelista lands a heavy leg kick. Evangelista ducks in and goes for a double leg but Aina stuffs it. They clinch against the cage and Aina reverses it and has Evangelista against the cage. They exchange knees to the body and Aina lands three solid punches that send Evangelista back. Evangelista dives in with an uppercut and eventually gets a takedown but Aina hops right back up. Evangelista has Aina against the cage. They're exchanging knees. Evangelista lands a nice elbow in the clinch. With the round coming to a close, Evangelista lands a low blow but Aina quickly recovers and the round ends.

Matt Bishop scores the round 10-9 Evangelista

Neil Wagner scores the round 10-9 Evangelista


Round 2 - Aina misses a high kick. Aina stuffs a takedown and lands a nice combination. Another nice combo by Aina. Evangelista high kick is blocked. Evangelista goes for a takedown and finishes into full guard. He has Aina against the cage and lands some nice shots. Evangelista going to work with some nice ground and pound. Aina goes to get up and Evangelista lands an illegal knee to the head and Aina is laying on the ground. The doctor is in to check on him. There's 1:20 left in the round. Herb Dean is saying something about Aina's jaw and waves the fight off. They apply ice to both sides of Aina's face. Evangelista raises his arms while walking around the cage.

Official decision - Winner by disqualification: Mike Aina


Referee Herb Dean said the doctor advised him that Aina's jaw might be broken and he stopped the fight on the doctor's advice.