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Announcement: Lights Out Radio Is The Official Podcast Of MMA For Real

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Kelvin Hunt, MMA For Real

Matt Bishop, Lights Out Radio


RALEIGH, N.C./EAST LANSING, Mich. (May 14, 2009) — Two of the Internet’s hottest up-and-coming MMA entities, MMA For Real ( and Lights Out Radio ( will combine forces effective immediately in an effort to broaden the base of coverage for both sites and to bring fans the best of both worlds — written content courtesy of MMA For Real and live audio podcasts courtesy of Lights Out Radio.

Under the partnership, Lights Out Radio will become the official podcast of MMA For Real and MMA For Real will acquire the services of Lights Out Radio founder Matt Bishop to provide fresh and exciting written content to the site.

“This joint partnership will benefit everybody, especially the fans” Bishop said. “By combining resources, it not only makes our radio show better, but Kelvin’s site will receive fresh, original content that will help set it apart from other Web sites.”

Under terms of the agreement, MMA For Real will become the presenting sponsor of Lights Out Radio. MMA For Real founder Kelvin Hunt will appear on the show to help preview the main events of upcoming MMA shows and to promote new content on

"I'm really excited, because not only will this add something new to the site, but it opens up a brand new avenue for North Carolina MMA to be heard," Hunt said. "The fans, fighters and MMA promotions will be beneficiaries of this partnership."

The sites will also combine to co-promote event-night coverage with a live thread at MMA For Real, followed by a post-fight radio show at Lights Out Radio. Lights Out Radio hosts Bishop and Neil Wagner will participate in the thread and will provide live scoring of the fights with members of the MMA For Real team.

“Our highest rated live shows, by far, have been our post-fight review shows,” Bishop said. “So we know people are always thirsting for more on fight night. With this, we’ll quench that thirst not only during the shows by providing live scoring, but after on the radio show by providing detailed analysis in the way only Lights Out Radio can.”

Added Hunt: "Our live threads for major events are packed with comments, and the live scoring of the fights should only add to the discussion. Then fans can take that discussion right
on over to the Lights Out Radio show to share their thoughts on events as well as their opinion on the fights after it's all over."

Starting with its UFC 98 Preview show May 21, Lights Out Radio will be on the air at 9 p.m. every Thursday for 90 minutes through the summer months. Major event review shows will generally begin 15 minutes following the conclusion of the show.


MMA For Real was founded by Kelvin Hunt in August 2008, originally as However, the site was re-launched as in February 2009 as a proud member of the SB Nation. Since then the site has grown tremendously while covering North Carolina MMA, as well as other major MMA events.


Lights Out Radio was founded by Matt Bishop in August 2007. Originally a show about both mixed martial arts and professional wrestling, the show quickly evolved into an MMA-only show.

Lights Out Radio took a big step in early February 2009 with its first live show, using the live engine at Since then, Lights Out Radio has been live for each show, allowing a greater amount of listener interactivity, longer shows and faster turn-around time for the podcast.

Entering May 2009, Lights Out Radio had produced 117 episodes.