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Thiago Silva: "I Have To Win...And Renew My Contract"

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Thiago Silva speaks to Tatame about having his opponent switched and getting a win:

I wanted to fight griffin, I think it was a good fight for me, but Jardine is also a good fight and I can’t pick up fights for me. I’m coming from a loss and I have to win, put my money on the pocket and renew my contract… I have to keep my job, right?

Hmm...seems as Thiago Silva is beginning to feel the pressure a little bit in terms of winning his next fight.  I don't think the UFC would cut him after 2 back to back losses, but I think he realizes that you can't take anything for granted.  Then again, if this is the last fight on his UFC contract, he could lose a ton of leverage in terms of if the UFC wants to bring him back.  I think Jardine takes this, what say you?