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"BATTLE AT THE EXPO" Brings MMA Back to Raleigh This Saturday!

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Promoter Paul Marinaccio presents “Battle at the Expo”, a hybrid boxing/MMA event this Saturday night, May 16th at the NC State Fairgrounds. If you are anywhere near Raleigh, do yourself a favor and catch this event. Both the boxing and the MMA fights are scheduled to be held in a ring. To get tickets in advance, call Rapid Fitness at 919-510-6994. At last check, here are some of the fights scheduled:

 (MMA) HWT- Keith Bell (3-0) vs. Chico Santiago (2-3)

(MMA) 170- Jamie Pickett (2-1) vs. James Wright (0-0)

(MMA) 140- Nghi Bui (1-2) vs. Jesus Ortega (?)

(MMA) 155- D’Juan Owens (2-2) vs. David Emerson (?)

(MMA) 170- Mark Priest (1-2) vs. Eric Martindale (0-5)

(Boxing) 147- Vitaliy Demyanenko (16-0) vs. Paul Delgado (20-8-1)

                *This fight is for the WBO Asia-Pacific Welterweight Title

(Boxing) HWT- Donnell Holmes (30-0-2) vs. Ryan Thompson (9-7)

(Boxing) 168- Carlton Holland (16-12-1) vs. Michael Rayner (6-11)