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Could Takanori Gomi Be Successful In The UFC?

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Takanori Gomi speaks with Sherdog after his latest KO victory over Takashi Nakakura:

I'd like to relax for a little bit, and if I continue fighting, I'd like to test the waters overseas.  “I'm coming soon! The Fireball Kid will be there!” [Laughs] I'd like to thank all of you, and continue to thank you for supporting me and MMA. You guys are important, and I'll continue to do my best. Oh, and tell Dana White I said, “hi!”

At one point in time "The Fireball Kid" was looked upon at the #1 LW fighter in the world.  However, he has gone 3-2 since the collaspe of PRIDE against somewhat limited competition.  According to this report, Gomi(now 30 years of age) wants to test himself here in America.  I'm simply speculating that he wants to come to the UFC(since he mentions Dana's name).  He has a loss to current UFC LW champ BJ Penn, but that was a long time ago.  Could a re-focused Takanori Gomi be successful in the UFC?  What I mean by successful would be win enough fights to challenge for the title or even become champ.