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Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton The Fight Of The Year?

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I normally don't talk boxing on this MMA blog, but I just witnessed something retarded.  I'm a fan of boxing and I'll probably catch some of the Pacquiao/Hatton fight this weekend.  But, I was watching ESPNNews and they were doing an overview of what sports fans should be on the lookout for this weekend.  The host had a panel of 4 media representatives chiming in with their thoughts on the Pacquiao/Hatton fight and if they were excited for it.  Of course, none of them were really exciting about the fight. Yep, you read that correctly in that none of them were excited to see the fight.  One of them wanted to watch the Bulls/Celtics game 7.  Another wanted to watch hockey or something.  One of them called the Kentucky Derby the most exciting two minutes in all of sports!?  If I remember correctly, the last one also wanted to watch the Bulls/Celtic game 7(that series has been ridiculous and I'm not even a NBA fan like I used to be when Jordan played).  The Kentucky Derby actually won the poll I saw by a landslide(69%)! 

The online fan poll equaled around 5,200 votes(at the time) with Hatton/Pacquiao only receiving 9% of the votes.  So  I ask the question, if only 9% of the fans polled want to see it and none of the media interviewed want to see it.  How is this fight the fight of the year?  Why did ESPN repeatedly keep hyping this fight as fight of the year?