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Please Welcome "SlickRick00" To The MMA4Real Family

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"SlickRick00" A.K.A known as Rich Wyatt, the guy that's been doing all the local interviews here on MMA4Real.  Rich has been a fan of MMA for a very long time, and is also a big boxing fan.  Rich attended NC State University(I'm let him slide for that) and majored in communications, and also trained in boxing/muay thai while in college.  Rich will be covering the local North Carolina scene, as well as other things as MMA4Real begins to take things to the next level.  We are very excited to have him onboard, and please join me in welcoming Rich to the family. 

Note:  Those of you that expressed interest in joining the MMA4Real team, there's still a spot or two wide open.  The fanpost/fanshots sections have been booming lately, and all of your efforts have been noticed and appreciated.  Keep'em coming and continue to work on your craft.  If you have any questions about anything, you can email me at