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Brock Lesnar: "I Can't Wait To Get My Revenge Against Frank"

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 Brock Lesnar speaking via Setanta Sports News on his upcoming re-match against Frank Mir:

“I can’t wait to get my revenge against Frank,” said Lesnar. “On July 11, I’m going to finish this fight on the ground the way it should have been finished last time and walk out with my UFC heavyweight championship belt around my waist.”

Now before UFC 92, I would have said that Brock Lesnar would steamroll Frank Mir in the re-match.  I mean after all that's what he was doing in his second professional fight before the referee interfered, then Lesnar got caught in the kneebar.  However, after seeing Frank Mir dominate an aging Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira I at least give him a chance of winning now.  It's interesting that he says he's going to finish this fight on the ground.  He's been able to drop both Heath Herring and Randy Couture with that big right hand.  Unless of course he's referring to dropping them, then finishing him with some ground and pound?  I'm probably still going to go with Lesnar in the re-match, but give me your thoughts on the fight right now.