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MMA For Real Fantasy League Strikeforce Bonus Edition

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Bonus edition?  Yep, that's what I said.  For me, I would like to keep the fantasy league with UFC/WEC events and maybe an Affliction card.  So with that, I will be making Strikeforce events (for this season) bonus events.  Let me explain, for those that decide to get in, this is a way to pad your stats a little, especially since soon the rankings will be more reflective on both how you picked and your points, unlike it is now, but I'll explain that after the UFC 97.  So basically with this event, you pick five fights you want to guess on and post 'em here.  The ones you get right, you'll get those points, the ones you get wrong, you won't be penalized this time around.  So if you get none of 'em right, nothing changes, if you get all of 'em right, you get those points added to your record.  This is mainly because Strikeforce has a lot of guys the casual person probably wouldn't know plus this helps those folks that got in a little late and want to get in the running.  So good luck and check it out.

RULES: If you have agreed to participate you MUST pick your winners before the preliminary fights of the event begin.

FORMAT: It's easy, you pick a winner, how you think they'll win (because of the numerous submissions you can just say 'via submission'), and what round they win in. Getting these things right will help your record as well as your score.

RECORDS: If there are five bouts on a card, your record will show how many you pick right and how many you pick wrong. So if I got 3 fights right and 2 wrong, then my record for that event would be (3-2) and so forth.

POINTS: I will calculate a point system just to add to the breakdowns of the fight. Here's how it goes:

If you pick the winner - 1 point
If you pick the winner + how they win or what round - 3 points
If you pick the winner + how they win + round - 5 points

I will tally all the points after an event.

Strikeforce:  Diaz vs. Shamrock


  • Nick Diaz vs. Frank Shamrock
  • Gilbert Melendez vs. Rodrigo Damm*
  • Benji Radach vs. Scott Smith
  • Hitomi Akano vs. Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos
  • Ron "Abongo" Humphrey vs. Brett Rogers


  • Buck Meredith vs. Luke Rockhold
  • Waylon Kennell vs. Eric Lawson
  • Raul Castillo vs. Brandon Michaels
  • Zak Bucia vs. James Terry
  • Shingo Kohara vs. Jeremy Tavares

Again, choose five of these bouts to guess on and place them in this thread, you'll get rewarded for what you get right and not penalized for anything wrong.  So take advantage of this bonus round and see you guys Saturday!