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Report: Paulo Filho Will Fight At DREAM 9 At Light Heavyweight

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Filho's coach Josuel Distak told the news to Tatame:

Paulão will fight at Dream 9, in the same event that (Ronaldo) ‘Jacaré’. He’s already training with Jacaré and everything will be all right"

There was the rumor that Filho was going to sign with Bellator, but Filho's management said the contracts were cruel.  So now the move back to DREAM has Filho returning to where he appeared to be at his best.  I suppose the move to light heavyweight was logical, since he has mentioned the cut to middleweight was getting more difficult to make.  Also, not to mention the fact that he missed weight for his last WEC fight against Chael Sonnen by 7 pounds.  It'll be interesting to see if Filho can put his demons behind him, and enjoy the success that he once enjoyed as one of MMA's best fighters.  What are his chances?