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MMA Managers And Handlers Need To Step Their Game Up

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No.  This has nothing to do with the whole Dana White/Loretta Hunt(no relation to me) stuff from last week.  I'm just piggybacking the John Howard post I just made about him not taking the Anthony Johnson fight.  My comments in that piece were basically in support of his managers/handlers looking out for Howard's best interest.  A couple of MMA4Real readers have criticized fighters for taking certain fights that are simply lose/lose situations.  You know what, they are absolutely right.  In particular we discussed Josh Koscheck and his camps decision to fight Paulo Thiago and most recently Chris Wilson(even though that fight is off).  These fights put money in Koscheck's pocket, but don't really help him move closer to a title shot.  We all witnessed what happened to Koscheck at UFC 95 against Paulo Thiago as he lost in devastating fashion.  If Koscheck had won that fight, well he was supposed to win

I'm not saying managers need to protect their fighters, but they simply need to put them in situations that benefit them moreso than just getting paid.  Indeed, I know there are more aspects to managing a fighter, but this is one aspect they really need to improve on.