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WEC 40 Recap: Torres Retains Belt In A War, Benavidez Shines

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First of all, WEC 40 was a great event with some very good fights.  I think a lot of people probably forgot about this card with it taking place on a Sunday.  I think I did ok in the fantasy league, as I kind of threw my picks together at the last minute.  Those results should be up at some point today.  Now let's take a look at the fights that aired:

Rafael Assuncao vs. Jameel Massouh-Good fight to start the night off.  I thought Assuncao would be able to finish Massouh, but Jameel was a very tough dude.  This fight exhibited pretty much everything that is MMA.  Submission attempts, striking, good takedowns, Massouh being close to being KO'ed, but able to regain his composure.  Very good fight.

Ben Henderson vs. Shane Roller-Wow, talk about turning things around in a fight!  Henderson was rocked earlier in the fight, only to come back and put Roller away.  Roller cracked Henderson to drop him, then tried to cinch in a guillotine to end the fight.  However, Henderson wasn't having it as he defended then got back up to his feet to catch Roller to end the fight.  Good showing for Henderson.

Anthony Njokuani vs. Bart Palaszewski-Pretty good fight here as well.  I thought Bartimus would pull this one out, but I wasn't aware that Njokuani had a 6 inch reach advantage!  Njokuani clearly showed he was the better striker as he dropped Palaszewski in the first round, but Palaszewski was able to recover.  However, it wasn't to be in the 2nd as Njokuani landed a nice kick/punch combination to put the IFL veteran away.  Palaszewski has dropped two straight, and even though he took this fight on short notice you have to wonder what's next for him?

Jeff Curran vs. Joseph Benavidez-First of all, why was Frank Mir all on Jeff Curran's jockstrap?  My God, you would have thought that Curran was absolutely dominating Benavidez if you listened to the announcing throughout that fight.  This was a very good fight.  I thought the first round was close, but Benavidez took the round when he dropped Curran with that big right.  The next two rounds were pretty much all Benavidez in my opinion.  Curran had spots where he shined, but for the most part Benavidez was the more active fighter.  He was able to push a relentless pace and score some ground and pound in the third.  I had it 30-27 all for Benavidez.  I'm glad the judges were not listening to Frank Mir.

Miguel Torres vs. Takeya Mizugaki-WAR.  An absolute war for 5 rounds.  I knew and openly stated that Mizugaki was going to be a tough opponent for Torres.  Man did he prove me right, and he even surprised me with his tenacity and skills.  I would love to see a re-match somewhere down the round as Mizugaki is LEGIT.  I don't know what his ground game looks like, but his standup game is relentless.  Torres is Torres, I think he could have gone another 5 rounds if he needed to.  He proved another facet of his game in that he can go all 5 rounds at pretty much neck breaking pace.


What did you learn, and what did you think of WEC 40?