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Dan Miller Talks Yushin Okami At UFC 98

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“He’s a great fighter,” he says. “He’s got good hands, not great. He’s got good wrestling and he’s got a great top game. My game plan is to do what I always do, just go in and try to put him on his back and see where the fight goes from there. I try not to change the way I fight too much—it’s gotten me this far, so I try not to abandon that.”

I think this is one fight that a lot of people have forgotten about at UFC 98.  Plus, I'm a big fan of the Miller brothers.  It'll be interesting to see if Miller can put Okami on his back and keep him there.  All of Okami's opponents have talked about how strong he is so Miller will probably have his hands full.  However, if Miller can pull off a win here, the UFC middleweight division will have a new contender.